shinglesWho We Are

O&S Roofing & Sheet Metal is a full service roofing company with over 40 years experience in the industry. Since that time, we have established an outstanding reputation and are well respected throughout the roofing industry. Our corporate office is located in Houston, Texas and have an office in Dallas Texas and service all of the counties in the southern portion of the state.

O&S Roofing & Sheet Metal has experienced managers who are sensitive to our clients’ needs. Our production force is highly skilled and works with minimal interference to our clients’ daily operation. Our clients praise our combination of quality, coordination, communication and heart.

We have well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing trucks, equipment and tankers that represent our professional approach to what we do. This is also evident in the appearance and demeanor of our crews as they arrive at the job site. Weekly meetings keep our roofing mechanics well versed in proper protocol, so that good client/tenant relationships can be maintained. Employee participation in project management is encouraged. This contributes to our strict adherence to detail and assures our quality of workmanship.