making-office-interior-design-feels-like-own-home-comfortableOS Roofing and Sheet Metal is a corporation that was formed and became active in the industry in 2009.

OS began in the storm restoration market servicing single family dwellings with estimates, claim support, roof, façade and fenestration remedial repairs and replacement.

This activity quickly grew into multifamily and commercial roof system restoration and new construction installations. The OS brand now exhibits four divisions; Residential, Multifamily, Commercial Roofing and Gutter systems design and installation.

The business plan that was originally set forth has been far exceeded in both production and revenues.

Of course with the amount of business that has been generated, it quickly became evident that experienced personnel had to be acquired to maintain the production and the caliber of craftsmanship our clients have become accustomed to.

Today, OS Roofing and Sheetmetal employ experts in all facets of the roofing and remediation industry.

Exhibiting a combined experience level of over 50 years in the construction and roofing industry. We utilize one of the newest and most comprehensive digitizing programs for estimating that is on the market today. This allows our estimating department to not only be accurate, but very efficient especially on larger projects.

OS has recently instituted and designed Quality Assurance Reporting for field operations. Experienced QA personnel inspect the installations, report the findings via in house software and also distribute to the onsite personnel prior to leaving the site. This maintains constant vigilance in the field, communication with the General Contractor, and an active accurate Project File per building. There are four steps to the process. Step I: Site Assessment, Step II: Substrate Inspection, Step III: Crew indoctrination and Safety certification, Step IV: Progressive Field Reporting. At the close of the project, a bound presentation is given to the General Contractor as a progressive, complete history that reflects the OS Brand.

OS continues to seek innovative ways to excel in the industry and offer a higher level of professionalism and expertise.